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Learn Office 365!

Welcome! Learn Office 365 online with real-world, practical, relevant courses. We offer Self-paced Monthly Subscription courses where you learn at your own pace in your own environment and Virtual Classes which are instructor-led.

DISCOVERING OFFICE 365 – for understanding business capability, demos of what is possible, and why your company may use it. Join a free webinar - or enrol in the Immersion course, to try it all yourself hands on.

IMPLEMENTING OFFICE 365 – for what people need to know on creating awareness, planning, people and training. Join the Free webinar or enrol in the the Fruit Salad Formula Course.

LEARNING OFFICE 365 – for our other smaller bite sized modules including Microsoft Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, and SharePoint to learn how-to on the actual apps.

"This was such a fantastic way to break it all down. Loved the presentation"

- Attendee, Digital Workplace Conference, Australia, August 2019

"Seems so obvious but most projects leave these ingredients out. Very insightful and professional".

- Attendee, Digital Workplace Conference, Australia, August 2019

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